First and foremost, our customer service has to be outstanding. We are in a very competitive market in terms of entertainment with the professional teams and our local colleges – and we have to be better than our local movie theaters. So all of our staff has to bend over backwards and absolutely provide the greatest experience they can, so that’s been a big focal point. Beyond that, we’ve got to be creative. We’ve got to do things that will make a wow experience for all of the people that come to the game, but the overarching focus has been that this is our game, this is in our house, and this is about Boston College. So you’re going to see us showcasing our students and our student-athletes and our programs on campus both on TV and in the stadium and we’re really looking forward to that opportunity. — Brad Bates on how the athletic department is preparing for Saturday night’s football game vs. Notre Dame in the national spotlight
Well I think our schedule was pretty hard last time. We’ve got a great ESPN tournament down in Charleston with Baylor and a couple other teams where everybody is really good. Obviously we still have Providence and Rhode Island and Harvard being a top 50 team again next year for sure. I think we’re close with a home-and-home with someone out west most likely USC and Notre Dame home-and-homes over the next couple of years - I don’t know if it’s next year. And I want to continue to upgrade our schedule as we can handle it. I want to be careful - we’re playing 18 league games next year. That’s a big chunk of games so we’ve got to be careful with our young team, but in general I want to bring in games that students are excited about, that Boston College fans are excited about. Interregional games like Notre Dame, USC - most likely Auburn next year too. — Steve Donahue, on future scheduling of basketball games.