It won’t be measured in one day. It will be measured over time. Will today be hard in [workouts]? Well, yeah. Their strength coach is working them and it’s new, it’s different. It’s not just about moving weight right now. It’s about accountability. It’s about detail. It’s about the exactness of everything. That’s our style. It’s exact instructions and exact everything, because you’re not just developing conditioning and strength right now, you’re developing accountability and mental toughness. That’s just not something you do by yelling at somebody, that’s something you do every day.
It’ll be a process. It won’t be measured on one day. It won’t be like ‘This is the most physically demanding day I’ve ever had’. No, no, no, no, no. It’ll be like ‘This is the most physically and mentally demanding offseason I’ve had,’ and that’s going to be measured over time. It’ll be a series of days and weeks and different things we’ll do over time that will make it very, very challenging.
— Head football coach Steve Addazio on preparing for what he calls the toughest offseason his players will have ever had.
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