Honestly, I think it was – we were winning when we showed up. The year we were recruited we were in the ACC Championship game and then our freshman year we were in the ACC Championship. I think a lot of guys from our class didn’t immediately understand what it took to get there, and expected to play right away, expected that it would be easy in a way. Guys who maybe weren’t playing a lot their second year or weren’t starting by their third year took that as either a shot at their self-confidence or just that they somehow weren’t being treated fairly. When you look at the teams that have been good here – like Jamie Silva didn’t see the field until his fourth year in the program. For us to be good, guys need to marinate a little bit, and I guess my class didn’t buy it so they all took off and this is what you get. — More Emmett Cleary on the attrition from his class affecting the success of the program.
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