"I think we’re used to it. Even though we had some [seniors] this year I think we’re all used to the youth. I think what it’s going to enable—and the biggest thing I’m trying to get from these guys— is that I’ve got to have leadership. There’s got to be a step, someone or more than one, taking the team and being a leader and taking ownership of this team. Not the coaches telling you everything that has to happen. Somewhere for us to be a great team that locker room has to take ownership and they’ve got to take this to the next level. If you can do it as sophomores, then holy cow, will that help you as juniors and seniors. Once again, it may be more difficult next year because we don’t have that leadership and that older guy that helps you, but I think in the long run we make look back, and I believe this, you’ll say that really makes us great now because they went through all this stuff as younger kids."

"We didn’t name a captain last year, and I think I’ll wake up one day and I’ll know it or they’ll know it. We don’t know it yet, and that’s just part of our issue right now. It’s just a unique team since nobody’s been through it yet. I don’t feel like anybody’s ready to do it if they’re being honest. They don’t feel like they’re secure enough in themselves to lead and serve the others when they’re still worried about themselves, and I understand that. It may happen over the next six months and it may not, but it’s going to happen. We’re going to constantly challenge them to take that and we’ll get somebody, we will."

— Coach Donahue on the lack of upperclassmen given Matt Humphrey’s departure and his squad’s current lack of a captain.
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