Well I think our schedule was pretty hard last time. We’ve got a great ESPN tournament down in Charleston with Baylor and a couple other teams where everybody is really good. Obviously we still have Providence and Rhode Island and Harvard being a top 50 team again next year for sure. I think we’re close with a home-and-home with someone out west most likely USC and Notre Dame home-and-homes over the next couple of years - I don’t know if it’s next year. And I want to continue to upgrade our schedule as we can handle it. I want to be careful - we’re playing 18 league games next year. That’s a big chunk of games so we’ve got to be careful with our young team, but in general I want to bring in games that students are excited about, that Boston College fans are excited about. Interregional games like Notre Dame, USC - most likely Auburn next year too. — Steve Donahue, on future scheduling of basketball games.
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